Ransomware: You’ve been hacked!!

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is software designed to deny or restrict access to your device or files until you pay. The general rule is don’t pay the ransom! There is no guarantee you will get access back, and paying increases the likelihood that you will be targeted again.

This tactic has been around for years and is on the rise. Often Ransomware targets places where the most sensitive data is stored – computer, network files, cloud or other storage locations etc

So what does it look like and how do you know you’ve been hacked??

There are two basic types of Ransomware:

Locker ransomware – completely locks out the device. The victim will receive a pop up indicating that they were caught doing something illegal and you have to pay a fine to regain access.

Crypto ransomware – encrypts files to restrict access. These encryptions are almost impossible to break.

If you have been hacked, what do you do?

Shut down your computer, disconnect any external media (phones, tablets, external hard drives) and bring it in to an authorized support center.

You can restore your files – as long as you’ve taken the correct steps to prepare ahead of time!

– perform regular updates – you can set up auto updates to run in the evenings/during the day when you aren’t using your device.

R – require virus scan of external devices before using them

E – execute software only if its reputable

V – verify all emails/ texts etc before clicking links

E – external storage to back up!

– never be without malware protection software & keep it up to date

T – trust your instincts and do a little online research if something feels off – often other victims may provide useful info online

Some interesting statistics:

On average, only about 65% stolen data is returned after the ransom is paid.

Nearly 30% of targets had less than HALF of their data returned.

Less than 10% of victims get all of the files returned.

Approximately 80% of Ransomware targets that paid the ransom were targeted a second time!

In 68% of cases that paid, that second hit occurred within the first month after paying, for a higher ransom.

North America saw an increase in ransomware attacks of 180% in 2021.

If you have been targeted by Ransomware Please reach out out to your YNCU branch team so we can help to protect you.

We will always be here to assist you! 1-800-413-YNCU (9628)